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Modern Management is the blueprint for a Future Ready Workforce

Webinar: Wednesday 19 May 1.00-2.00pm AEST

Speakers: VMware | MobileCorp 

  • An in-depth presentation covering why modern management is critical for digital readiness in the age of remote work.

  • Understand the best practices on making the move to modern management and what we’re hearing from customers when they take the modern management journey.
  • Learn how to unify mobile and PC management

As the workforce becomes more distributed, IT must continue to fulfill its central mission: to connect and secure endpoints so that employees can get the apps and services they need to stay productive and do their best work–wherever they are.

Yet many IT teams have discovered that traditional PC management can’t keep up. It doesn’t provide the agility and security needed to support employees in every location, quickly and consistently.

MobileCorp - VMware Future Ready Workforce Webinar

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